Unleashing the Magic: The Power of Questions in Transforming Your Life

Questions for your emotional wellbeing

Brief Background : Kids lead the way with their Questioning spirt

As little kids we always had a tinkle in our eyes, and excitement in our hearts, with that  perpetual Why and How . We drove our parents crazy, continuously  bombarding them with questions. Questions to quench our interest, our curious restless minds.  Questions helped us to understand and comprehend our world better .Research shows that a  pre- schooler asks about 200 questions a day.

Brief Background : Kids lead the way with their Questioning spirt

Power of Questions  and the  Human Mind:

A we continue in our life journey, we make evaluations as to what things mean and what we should do. We become learning machines and the way to learn and think and make new connections is initiated by questions- we ask ourselves or others ( or today we ask  Google or sir). We start creating neuro associations that will guide our future.

Our very own Genie : our beautiful brain

When we ask a question, like a genie, our brain goes to work to find to find those responses of exactly what to do in any situation  Questions  have an incredible power to shape our thoughts. The brain has a capacity to produce answers faster than the smartest computer on earth. Our 3 pound lump of gray matter can give us firepower instantly  for coming up with solutions to challenges and creating powerful emotional sensations.

Ask better Questions to  get better answers :

Questions and Emotions :

When people are feeling depressed , overloaded ,overwhelmed, perhaps their thought processes are like Why me ? How could God do this  to me? How can family, friends be so despicable?  Why Life’s  so unfair? Why cant I ever succeed? Why even try since things never seem to work my way? Why does not anybody like me ? 

Questions and Transformation :

Questions have the power to create breakthroughs and “AHA” moments, enabling us to change our lives”

How do we change and transform that line of mental focus and change and shake off those sad feelings How can we instantly start feeling better. 

Ask better questions 

1. How can I use this to my advantage?
2. What do I still have? What I am proud of?
3. What I am capable of now, even more so than before?.
4. What could I be happy about now?
5. What’s really great in my life today? What else can I do  so I am feeling happier and being more lovable?

Initially possibly the responses may be dull, but persist with the questions and you will get the answers you truly deserve.

Questions are an undeniable magic tool that allows the genie in our minds to meet our wishes, a wake up call to our giant capacities. A genuine good quality life comes from consistent good  quality questions. Questions create a major shift in our perspective or frame of reference, leading to significant break throughs, commonly referred as “AHA” moments in coaching.

My personal very own questions used to be like ( since I am not a morning person and the  alarm goes off) 

Why aren’t there more hrs in the day?
Why do I  have to go to work?
What if I hit the snooze alarm one more time?
How bad is the traffic going to be?
What work challenges await me?

I realized these dis- empowering questions only made me feel tired, and demotivated and waking up became more painful.

So I consciously choose to interrupt these states with a pattern of questions that would put me in a right frame of mind, which caused me to remember how grateful, happy and exited I am and can be.

By being deliberate and persistent with your choice of questions with a sense of certainty and expectation ,eventually the right answers will come about .Questions change what you focus on. You will come up with authentic reasons reasons for feeling better as you focus on them and your emotional state will follow suit.

The story of Stanislavsky Lech illustrates the life -saving power of asking the right question in a dire situation.

Stanislavsky Lech ,was captured by the Nazis and sent to death camp. As thousands got killed each day, he looked at the nightmare and horror and asked other prisoners how can we escape  this . They just answered dejectedly” Don’t be a fool, there’s no escape”

Whilst other prisoners stayed in scared states and asked How the Nazi’s could be so despicable? How could they be treated so badly?

He however persisted  and continually focused  to the answer of this one Burning question- How can I get out alive and healthy How do I escape now?

The answer came through one day, from the  most unlikely source the smell of the dead human flesh. Just few feet from his work, were piles of dead bodies which were shoveled in the back of the truck. – prisoners who were gassed. Rather  than going back to his barracks , ducked behind the truck , dove into the pile of bodies ,remained totally still and pretended to be dead. His hope arose when the truck engine started. The truck men threw it ghastly cargo in the open grave. Stanislavski stayed quiet and still until nightfall, till he was sure no one was looking and then extracted himself from the mountain  of dead bodies and ran 25 miles to freedom.


Heart wrenching experience, nevertheless very powerful message.

Questions can lead to powerful changes.

My personal Empowering question:

 As I proceed to buy my property in Dubai ,  I feel scared ,anxious , unsure in the midst of property prices hike, high mortgage loans , the bubble,  market might collapse , overload of choices and the pestering property agents. I chose not to stay with the question What toys I need right now?.



Simple yet very Effective questions to instantly change your emotions around and operate from a more resourceful state and unleash the magic within

  1. How do I feel at this moment? ( We do want  to acknowledge and understand  our true emotions,  not hide from them).
  2. What are you most thankful for?
  3. What do I  feel most passionate about?.
  4. When I am in pain – emotional or physical what is the kindest thing I can do for myself?
  5. Have I done something lately that is worth remembering?
  6. How could I use my time wisely? ( very valuable question daily for me as I can waste hrs on mindless mobile scrolling )
  7. What’s really great in my life right now?
  8. What can I learn from my current problem, challenge so it never happens again ?
  9. What helps me to feel more alive and how can I contribute today?
  10. Where do you think your life would be right now if it were not for your fear of taking a chance? 


Always the beautiful answer who asks a beautiful question 


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