About Sonali Adhikari

Hello, I’m Sonali.

My hunch is that you are feeling overwhelmed, going through the motions of life superficially, bogged down by challenges of work pressures and corporate life, operating from a place of deep unconscious patterns of behaviour.

My Story

For years I went on not Truly believing in my self-worth,  talent,  and potential. I felt undeserving of the promotions and upgrades. Though I displayed strong leadership qualities,  a genuine optimistic approach to life, and despite being a very hard worker, there always seemed to be something blocking me, some vacuum pulling me down. Consequently, I lacked the conviction, actionable structures, and planned approach to reach higher goals personally and professionally.

At a very personal level, I was a perpetual rescuer, investing my time, money, and energy in focusing on others’ problems, helping and solving them,  rather than focusing on my path and growth.

My Journey

Driven by my intellectually curious mind and soul perpetually seeking something more. I embarked on a journey of learning through various sources. Books, Buddhist group mentorship, Spiritual workshops, work-related leadership programs, and LinkedIn courses gave a robust boost to my knowledge applicability.

The spiritual workshops made me feel more supported, cleared past blockages, healed the pain and past issues and created a smoother energy flow (Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit). Emotional Intelligence Training and NLP courses assisted with a profound awareness of self, regulating emotions better and creating more resourceful states. I felt a new self at work, and my career soared and created a massive impact.

I started creating a life that I love and fully honor the person that I am, operating from a place of deep self-love and self-worth.

Felt emotions at a deeper level helped me to navigate through life with greater authenticity. I developed a detached sense and had healthy boundaries from family and friends when needed, yet had a better understanding, deep respect and love for them on deeper levels.

My Credentials

Licensed Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner

Certified by Neuro Semantics in Coaching Essentials

Certified Neuro-science coach

Professional Communication Skills

Certified Associate Leadership & Executive Coach

Certified Licensed Behavioural Trainer

Certified Organizational Development Coach

ICF– ACC coach — Associate Certified Coach

Certified Life Coach 

Professional Coaching Mastery Certificate

Certified NLP Practitioner