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Take care of your body. Its the only place you have to Live.         

Jim Rohn

How asking Powerful timely questions could influence better eating habits ?

Before we delve deep into the transformative powers of good quality questions, lets look into our current trend and our realties.

Current trend of fast food and junk food culture :

With our current work hrs being longer, work schedules being more hectic and challenging than before , our food habits seemed to have gone for a toss. Even during our little spare time the buzz of our gadgets and mobiles remind us of our pending work, list of emails to send, dead lines to meet, excel sheets to type across  and and our clients in some part of the world awaiting  our response through whichever digital platform. Perhaps we focussed on our corporate work needs and forgot our body’s needs for healthy meals. The lack of time perhaps led to neglecting and depriving ourselves of a relaxed healthy balanced  meal. In a haste we eat our fast food, very fast, on the go, in a cab ride in between meetings, chomping down  serious pondage of fried chicken and fettucine,  or holding a sandwich in left hand  while typing the last few lines of your project with your right hand. These food choices  and distracted eating ,could leave you feeling more bloated than an over inflated football. Arriving in a  ravenous state for lunch at the conference buffet will only  short circuit the body’s hunger signals and one will end up eating more, way more.

There appears to be inversely proportionate ratio, of our developing world and our declining food habits. Being stressed , always “On  the Go” eating may result in sympathetic nervous system getting over activated and cause GI symptoms.

Some examples of  Impoverished questions which could alter our eating habits in our quick rushed moments 

What would make me more full?

What is the quickest, richest meal I can get away with?

Triggers and jet lag, fatigue could lead to impoverished decisions regards food and meal choices. For me personally I have even equated  some tiring hectic days in  ending with a big heavy meal to comfort my  mind and shake of that  stress’s. As though a heavy paratha could do justice  to the day, or a spicy deep fried samosa could calm and nourish my tired nerves,  only leading  to feeling more sluggish and lethargic.

 Want to change your eating habits , change to Better quality questions:

Power of Questions, as a powerful aid to a healthier lifestyle and our amazing  well being.

Questions have the supreme ability to bring into our  consciousness, our perceptions, valuable resources, responses and actions which can lead to better thinking patterns and feeling more resourceful and dealing with any situation more appropriately.

Questions are the primary way we virtually learn anything. Questions have the  power to shape our thoughts and literally our every response to our experiences. Questions could bring into our conscious awareness what we are feeling, thinking and thereby alter those feeling instantly to create better choices.

( Perhaps then having a bad day at work, an appraisal not gone well  would no longer mean hogging away a bag of chips or a huge juicy burger and then feeling even more miserable the whole day )

Timely, Good Quality questioning to create better awareness and lead to Empowered Eating habits

Some very specific questions, which create a timely intervention, specific in nature and have a positive pre supposition added into it:

1.What would really nourish me?
2.Whats something light I can eat that would give me more energy?
3 Will this cleanse me or clog me?
4.If if eat this what will I have to give up in order to still achieve my goals?
5 What is the ultimate price I’ll pay if I don’t stop this indulgence now?

How to eat well and sensibly at conference buffet at corporate events

How do I respect my body ‘s signals more clearly ?
How do I stop indulging when my stomach is satisfied ?
How can I be a picky gourmand and enjoy only the dishes that I love and leave the other stuffy food behind?
How could I truly enjoy this buffet in the most wholesome healthy manner?
How could I still walk away feeling lighter and happier?
What could I do most to make of this conference  buffet networking opportunity?

Perhaps the most likely answers to come up are – Just like the money in your wallet, the available space in your stomach is limited. So set aside space for the special stuff, the caviar sushi, the Baklava and Knafeh, that gorgeous salad with pomegranate that you’d never in a million years have the patience to assemble yourself. Limited small portions. Perhaps a green tea to complement your dessert, will slow you down, savour the food in front of you and counteract the frenetic “so much food so little time “atmosphere. Mingle amongst your colleagues , delegates to  socialise and build more productive relationships

I have my personal favourite, which was indirectly given to me by my fitness trainer at the gyms. He always tells me to remember all the hard work and efforts that I put in the gyms with sweat and toil and dedication.

How would this food do justice to all the hard work and toil of my gyms hrs ?

Would this food further enhance my gyms hrs routine work?

These questions could timely intervene in those anxious hurried moments and delay your craving based responses and create a delayed timeline and gap. The gap will shift in a better response time and a more empowered eating choice on the go.

How do my eating habits be further enhanced for a Lifestyle habit and change?

This proves to be a empowering question for a long term permanent lifestyle change one would aim to target at, not just a temporary goal of fitting into that beautiful gown, or looking fitter in time for your summer holiday

To conclude Superior quality questioning can change your awareness, your feelings and emotions attached to the food , options available and lead to better more resourceful eating choices daily. Daily smaller better choices leading to a permanent lifestyle change.


Your body is a temple but only if you treat it as one

Astrid Alauda

Your body is a temple but only if you treat it as one

Astrid Alauda

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