The Ikigai journey – To find your purpose. Shinkansen effect


The Ikigai journey – To find your purpose. Shinkansen effect


Key Question of Life is What is our true purpose on earth.

As we go about exploring this topic, one key element that comes up is Perhaps we were created to be happy and feel loved and give back the same through our unique gifts, skills and human care and connection.This beautiful book helps us to understand our true essence and thereby connect to our true purpose.Our purpose being the ultimate destination and the journey encompassing of the various initiatives we undertake, to reach there with intention, focus and meaning.

Revolutionary technique to Reach those Giant Goals :

Shinkansen Story – Bullet train Essence

In1958, The Japanese Government issued direct order to Japan Railways to find quicker way to connect Tokyo with Osaka.Few months later the JR engineers presented a proposal for a train that would travel at a speed of about 100 km/hr.This was breakneck speed for that time. However, the JR executive’s response to the engineers was utterly unexpected .”We need a train that goes twice as fast”,The engineers were utterly astonished at tis request of achieving such an outrageous speed train .It seemed an absolutely impossible mission and No Tom Cruise coming to their rescue. ( Pun intended).Within six years thre first bullet train was inaguarated.It achieved a milestone that caused astonishment around the world.The Shinkansen connected Tokyo to Osaka more than 200 km/hr, cutting down the journey time from 6hrs 40 mins to 3 hrs.10 minutes. It revolutionised train transportation, on the entire planet for decades to come.

Had the request been to increase the train speed by 10Km , it would have just required to add more horsepower to the engine. But to double the speed required some deep introspection, with a whole new way of thinking.

Shinkansen Effect :

The engineers came back a few months later with a new proposal that implied comprehensive change in all aspects of the future train. They established key factors

Change the height , width of the railway tracks .

Completely revamp the design of the train to create lighter more aerodynamic one.

Change the suspension system.


Application of the Shinkansen effect in the Corporate world:

Eiji Mikawi -Chairman of General Electric ‘s Japanese subsidiary applied this this bullet train objectives in all work areas at GE,For eg if some director told him they were planning to reduce cost by 5 percent , he would ask to think of ways to cut cost by 50 percent.

If you have an objective you think you can reach in 10 years, why not think about how to make it happen in 1 year?.


Utilising this ground breaking Shinkansen technique to reach your Lofty goals and Dreams:

Shinkansen effect helps to create great personal projects and develop the inner discipline to see them through.We can utilise the following technique by taking advantage of the same principles to accelerate our personal achievements.Firstly the dream or aspiration to be come under Shinkansen objective has to be a seemingly impossible task.Visually seemingly impossible goal’s helps one to think laterally and get rid of old ideas and processes.

Write down your Shinkansen objective. Off course simply writing something is not going to make it happen. Next write down ten initiatives you will undertake to make it easier to accomplish your first bullet train objective. State the action , how you will do it and when you will do it and then sign next to this sheet, making a binding commitment to yourself and keep this sheet , where you can see it each day by dedicatedly and persistently following this, we could achieve our aspirations’, live our true purpose , bring it to whole hearted fulfilment and enjoy our time on earth. We thereby experience Great changes and pleasant surprises as we enjoy a new landscape by using theis Shinkansen concept we can bring the Japanese miracle to our personal life and achieve an exponential leap, taking u form the impossible to the possible in various realms of life.

What are your Shinkansen – bullet train objectives ?

 “To all those who make the world a kinder and more beautiful place by sharing their         passions and awakening those of others”

—- Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles

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